Opis produktu

Model: mini kuchenka; wariant: kuchenka jednopalnikowa; typ paliwa: gaz; optymalne paliwo: Butan, Izobutan, Propan; ilość podpór: 3; sprawność (Watt): 3000 W; Czas palenia: 1.5 (230 g gas cartridge) h; Czas gotowania (min): Approx.

3 minutes (for 1 litre of water) min; rozmiar (dł. X szer. X wys.): 12,4 x 16,5 cm; Waga: 400 g; zestaw: tak; Zakres dostawy: Crux Lite gas cooker, pot (0,95 L), frying pan (lid), net bag, cooker bag; szczegóły: BTU: 10'200, Capacity: 950 ml, Material: steel, aluminum, Pot with pouring spout and mass division, efficient 3-part cooking system, powerful and stable 3000 W burner for efficient cooking, large burner head for optimum heat distribution, precise flame control, simmering without burning, Terra Weekend HE cooking set made of hard anodised aluminium with non-stick coating, Offers perfect space for a 230 g gas cartridge and a folding sport (sold separately), Reduced energy and fuel consumption thanks to a special heat exchanger at the bottom of the cooking pot